Tomas Sunmo has worked with Playground Music Scandinavia AB since the start in 1999 and been responsible for a lot of the legal and contractual work within the company. This includes Artist agreements as well as licensing agreements of many types for our own products being sold abroard and licensing in products for Scandinavia. Playground has had several international successes as with The Rasmus, licensed to Universal in most territories, and the exploitation of Ace of Base, which Playground have world-wide masterrights for. Licensing and distribution deals have included most of the independent and all the major labels. The scope in territory includes all of Europe, US and Asia.

I have been more than pleased with all of Tomas work during the years and he comes highly recommended with his experience. He also has continued as a consultant to Playground after starting his own company in 2007.

Jonas Sjöström

Currently representing Playground Music, Diesel Music, Regain Records, Sampletekk Anna von Hausswolff, Bad Taste Records, Entombed, Roastinghouse Productions, Kningdisk, Niklas Flyckt, Record Heaven, Undefined Sounds, Rob & Nino among others.

Member of:
IAEL (International Association of Entertainment Lawyers)