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25 years of experience in the music and entertainment business to your advantage!

Long experience of all kinds of agreements within the music & entertainment business, including publishing, sale & distribution (digital and analog), licensing, producer and artist agreements etc. etc. with independents as well as all the major labels.

Available for analyzing and advising on agreements, providing you with the information and arguments needed to improve the conditions, saving money and avoiding problems in the long run.

I am also available to represent you in the actual negotiations or solving disputes. Also offering help to maximize your opportunities and income relating to digital sales.

Do you need help with;
Making sure that you or your company are not missing out on claiming your share of income from performance fees and other neighbouring rights?
Starting up your own company?
Digital exploitation?
Protecting your trademark?

For references or further inquiries please send an e-mail to the address below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Tomas Sunmo

TEL: +46-(0)70 545 18 59
E-MAIL: Tomas.Sunmo@indes.se